Imperfectly living beyond us together 

No one grows without community.

Community groups provide a place and time where we can feel safe, cared for, and free to develop our own unique relationship with God.

Community groups provide opportunities for prayer, bible study, fellowship, encouragement, and learning together about the infinite grace, mercy, justice, and kindness of God.

Community groups provide opportunities to serve one another when needs arise and to reach out to those in need in our city, nation, and world.

Are You Ready to Join a Community Group?

Community groups are where we learn together how to intentionally fulfill this incredible and inspiring command.

Community groups allow a grace filled environment where we are safe to discover who God is and how we can love Him intimately.

We also learn who we really are, and whose we are.  We mature and grow in our faith, our true selves, our gifts and abilities, and we hone our loving skills for our neighbor.

Community groups want to avoid judging, labeling, ridiculing, fixing, or controlling.  They will foster a life in God’s grace, healing, and love; allowing the Holy Spirit to grow and mature each person in their own way and at their own speed.

Please be intentional about growing in your relationship with God and your neighbor.

Join a community group!

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Rebecca Henry, Community Group Leader, graciously shared her story about discovering how Community Groups can help you be intentional about growing your relationship with God and others. Do life together! 


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