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Because of your generosity we are able to champion the message of God's love and hope both inside and outside our church walls. Your continued support and engagement with our social media channels, YouTube videos, podcasts, newsletters, and website helps extend our reach around the world. Cast your pebble and watch your ring of influence grow to make a Kingdom impact.

Connect with Us

Your generosity in supporting the ministries of this church is changing lives every day. Your giving of tithes and offerings has allowed us to bring on a full-time Communications Director to champion all the communication of what God is doing in and through our church both inside and outside these walls. We want to ensure that people who discover our church’s website, social media, or other digital platforms have a positive experience and leave with an understanding of our culture and vision.

Not only are we able to keep you informed and celebrate relevant stories of transformation, but we are also able to share the love of Jesus and reach thousands of people with our Facebook live stream, online messages, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Through social media opportunities, we are able to reach people with God’s message of love and hope not only in our immediate community but across the United States and into 49 other countries. From Texas to Canada and Katito, Africa to Ecuador, we are reaching friends across the world who are able to view our messages every week. We also have a family here at Springcreek that shares our weekly live stream video on their Facebook page so their family in Pakistan can watch. Pretty cool stuff!

And, like a pebble thrown in a pond, as small as that seems, each of these opportunities create rings of influence. It’s called the ripple effect and you can join us! Make a difference by casting your sphere of influence, engaging, and sharing messages and posts within your own unique circle of family, friends, and co-workers to help us make a Kingdom impact. With your help, we can communicate the love of God and meet people right where they are – all around the world! Thank you for your continued support.

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