The Bridge: Grades 4-5

The Bridge is our environment designed especially for grades 4-5 that's all about "bridging the gap"—picking up where early elementary left off. Our goal is to transition these kids and get them ready for our Middle School ministry. In the Bridge, we want your preteens to:

Begin to really experience worship not just do it.
Connect and build relationships with other preteens.
    Spend time with the same small group leader each week discussing the world and where God fits.
    Learn how to use the Bible and how its message applies to their life.
    How to make their relationship with God their own.

And the best thing? Sunday mornings are never boring, but are always loud, exciting and tons of fun!

Preschool Resources

Parent Card

At the beginning of each month, a new Parent Card is available for download; these cards highlight what we’re learning that month. 

Suggestions for using these resources:

Help your children learn their memory verses every month.
Grab a preschool Bible and read the story we talked about on Sunday with your children.
Do one of the simple and fun hands-on activities we highlight each week.
Pray with your children every night as you tuck them in.



Lullaby Lagoon and Pelican Beach

(Ages 6 weeks - 1 year)

Dolphin Beach, Surfin' Safari

and Island Treehouse
(Ages 2-5)


Elementary Resources

For Parents

Pick up a parent card in The Rock each month or download it below. The front of the card has everything you need to know about what your child is learning -- monthly memory verse, Bible stories, and bottom lines to go along with those stories each week. On the back of the card, you'll find parent "cues" that help you make the most of everyday moments to instill faith and character in the hearts of your children. (Based on Deuteronomy 6:7)

For Kids

Help your child have some “God time” each week. There are four different devotions on each GodTime card. Each devotion is designed to be done on a different day. 


For Kids: God Time