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This Weekend, May 25-26, 2019

Covetousness vs Contentment

Scratch the Itchx.jpg

Nobody can complain that modern society drives us to do better and to want more. But where does that drive to want what's not ours begin to hurt us? God actually talks a lot about the wrong we do where we desire things that belong to others. Coveting isn't something we hear a whole lot about, but it's something we feel and fight every day. Join us for this intriguing message.

Big Potential

Seeds are powerful symbols of potential. A towering magnificent oak tree began its journey as a tiny and insignificant acorn. The sturdy branches reaching for the sky, the thousands of leaves providing abundant shade, the strong and sturdy root system anchoring the tree through wind and storm - all were written into that tiny little seed. In a remarkably similar way, the Bible assures us that God has already given the believer everything they need for a life pleasing to Him (2 Peter 1:3). In this new series, we want to tap into that seed potential to help unleash the fullness of life God has promised. Join us for this encouraging series and tap into your BIG POTENTIAL.


Part 1: Grow
Pastor Keith Stewart
May 4-5, 2019

The Bible assures us that God has already given the believer everything they need for a life pleasing to Him (2 Peter 1:3). We want to tap into that seed potential to help unleash the fullness of life God has promised as we grow, connect, and serve.


Part 2: Connect
Pastor Keith Stewart
May 11-12, 2019

Think about all of these New Testament commands; Love one another, Be devoted to one another, Honor one another, Live in harmony with one another, Accept one another, Greet one another, Serve one another, Bear with one another, Submit to one another and Encourage one another. How can any of these commands be obeyed if we’re never “with one another”? God wants to more fully form Christ in you. To do that, it takes others. Join us for this second installment in our Big Potential series for a message we’re calling Connect.


Part 3: Serve
Associate Pastor Josh Fortney
May 18-19, 2019

We often think more of ourselves than we believe we do.  We are prone to independence and selfishness.  Jesus has an interesting take on the posture with which we should live our lives. Jesus cared so much about us that He chose to make life not about us.  Join us as we dive into a lesson on "No Se Trata De Mi."

Contagious Joy

Contagious Joy
Pastor Keith Stewart
April 27-28, 2019

Who couldn’t use a little more joy in their life? Guests comedian Derrick Tennant and his sister Julie share a powerful reminder of what it means to lead a truly joy-filled life. Check this out!

The Week That Changed Everything

The last week in the earthly ministry of Christ (commonly referred to as the Passion Week) is of utmost importance. Mark dedicates a third of his gospel just to that singular week and John more than half. The most significant week in human history is the one that led up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each day of that week has profound implications for our spiritual lives and encouragement for anybody who’s struggling to find hope. Don’t miss this powerful new series!


Part 1 - Behold, Your King is Coming to You
Pastor Keith Stewart
March 9-10, 2019

The triumphal entry is a story with a lot of layers. Without the historical and cultural context, there’s so much the average reader can miss. You don’t want to miss this first installment in our seven part series about The Week that Changed Everything.


Part 2 - What Makes God Angry?
Associate Pastor Josh Fortney
March 16-17, 2019

Have you ever wondered why God would get angry?  What would that even look like? Jesus shows us a glimpse of righteous anger as He continues down the road during the week that changed everything. Come celebrate and reflect with us!


Part 3 - Where Brokenness and Grace Meet
Pastor Keith Stewart
March 23-24, 2019

At the heart of the Christian faith is a celebratory meal that has marked God’s church for all time. It’s called by names: the Lord’s Supper, communion, and the Eucharist. In its simple elements and observance, we celebrate and commemorate all that Christ accomplished for us. Most importantly of all, this sacred celebration reminds us that the broken are welcomed and blessed. Join us this weekend for a message entitled, “Where Brokenness and Grace Meet.”


Part 4 - The Greatest Prayer
Pastor Keith Stewart
March 30-31, 2019

The Gospel of John chapter 17 records the true Lord’s prayer. It’s been called "the holy of holies" of the New Testament. It’s also the longest recorded prayer of Jesus. In many ways, listening to this prayer is like being in on a great planning meeting between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It’s a summit meeting of the Trinity. In it, Jesus prays for Himself, His disciples and for you and me. Check out this super encouraging message about Jesus’ desires for us and His willingness to see them come to fulfillment.


Part 5 - Blood Money
Pastor Keith Stewart
April 6-7, 2019

Judas - just the mention of his name produces a negative, often visceral, reaction in us. But sometimes our negative feelings toward Judas warp him into something he is not - a caricature - an exaggerated and distorted image of evil. We strip him of his humanity and make him into the personification of all bad things. This totally misses the point. Truth be told, we are more like Judas than we care to admit. And it’s only when we see our potential to be a Judas that we escape the snare that entangled him. Check out this message as we inch closer to the cross.


Part 6 - Why Call it Good Friday?
Pastor Keith Stewart
April 13-14, 2019

If you read any biography of any famous person, like Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, Jr., even if their death was really prominent, it will only be a tiny part of that biography. But for Jesus, the story of His death takes up a disproportionate amount of space in every gospel account. You could say the gospels are cross-obsessed because everything in Jesus’ life leads up to—everything points to—everything aims at the cross. It’s almost as if those intersecting wooden timbers were literally the “cross-hairs” of human history. Listen in and share this message with a friend.


Part 7 - The Road Back to Hope
Pastor Keith Stewart
April 20-21, 2019

The days following the crucifixion of Christ were full of confusion and profound grief. Many of us have walked that same road. In life, we often don’t understand why things have turned out the way they have. We’ve all had dreams that didn’t come true - times when we thought life had played a cruel trick on us – even times when we thought God had let us down. Maybe you’re walking that road today. Come join us for an Easter message full of hope as we discover how the risen Christ joins us on the road of despair and disappointment and fills our hearts with hope.

40 Days to Breakthrough

40 Days to Breakthrough
Pastor Keith Stewart
March 2-3, 2019

Best selling author and pastor Rick Warren wrote, “The Bible is clear that God considers 40 days a spiritually significant time period. Whenever God wanted to prepare someone for His purposes, He took 40 days…” It’s a theme God’s Word returns to over and over again. So in the 40 days leading up to Easter (the season we call Lent) what might God be preparing to do in you? Moses fasted 40 days! Elijah fasted 40 days! Jesus fasted 40 days! Something supernatural happens when God’s people fast and pray for 40 days. Join us on a 40-day journey to breakthrough!

Swipe Right: A Match Made in Heaven?

Series Description:

Life is all about relationships - with ourselves and others. Nothing holds out more hope than great relationships and nothing brings more profound heartache than failed ones. But what if there was a way of finding our perfect match? What if we could avoid the pitfalls of mismatched relationships? Is it possible to build long lasting, mutually satisfying relationships? Let’s explore the answer to all those questions and many more.


Part 1: Singleness is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Pastor Keith Stewart
January 5-6, 2019

A trip to your local Christian bookstore finds shelves chock-full of books on marriage and family. The section on singles is meager by comparison. Yet singles comprise nearly half of the U.S. population. In addition, the message of Scripture is overwhelmingly positive regarding singleness. As we embark on this brand new series about relationships, it is vitally important we begin with an affirmation of singles in a message we’re calling, “Singleness is a Terrible Thing to Waste.”


Part 2: It’s a Match
Associate Pastor Josh Fortney
January 12-13, 2019

It's a match! Dating is ever evolving and often a vicious cycle for people.  While it's not for everyone, it is definitely all some people think about.  The Bible doesn't give us a step-by-step instruction manual to dating, but it gives plenty of guidance for the who/what/when/where/why for dating. Whether you've had a great dating experience, a negative one, both, or none, join us for a message to hear more about how to Swipe Right


Part 3: Check your Baggage
Pastor Keith Stewart
January 19-20, 2019

Single or married, this message is for you. We’re going to take on some of the biggest relationship myths out there - the myths that sabotage even the best of relationships. So, join us for Part 3 of Swipe Right with a message we’re calling, “Check Your Baggage.”


Part 4: I Love You, but Don’t Like You
Pastor Keith Stewart
January 26-27, 2019

How you argue is far more important than that you argue. I mean, let’s face it, everybody has disagreements and arguments especially in marriage. But there’s a type of fighting that clarifies and makes us stronger and another type that is extremely destructive. If the more destructive type becomes your default, it practically guarantees the end of the relationship. But there is hope, armed with the tools we’ll give you, it’s possible to see your arguments end in the bedroom instead of the courtroom. Join us for a message entitled, “I Love You, but Don’t Like You.”


Part 5: Swipe Left
Pastor Keith Stewart
February 2-3, 2019

Pastor Keith believes in marriage and can tell you firsthand what it’s like to work hard to save it. But even with that said, he knows a lot of people who’ve worked just as hard and spent just as much money only to have the opposite result. So, if all he ever does as a spiritual leader is talk about the beauties of marriage without talking about the realities of divorce, he would be remiss in his duties. People need to know that God cares and He’s at work even when life didn’t turn out as we planned. That’s what this weekend’s message we’re calling “Swipe Left” is all about - what God has to say to those who are hurting, broken, and living a relationship nightmare.


Part 6: Netflix and Church
Associate Pastor Josh Fortney
February 9-10, 2019

It's everywhere you look and everyone seems to be talking about it.  The church should be the first place for the conversation and the truth about the power and purpose for it.  It's part of the conversation in every dating relationship or it comes up without even talking about it.  It's confused, wonderful, twisted, powerful, and needs to be addressed. As we continue our series, Swipe Right, join us for a conversation on sex called: Netflix and Church.


Part 7: RelationSlips
Pastor Keith Stewart
February 16-17, 2019

As we’re nearing the completion of our Swipe Right series, this weekend’s message is about the devastating effects of infidelity. What are the warning signs that indicate increased vulnerability to an affair? If it happens to you, do you know what to do? What are the causes and cures for RelationSlips?

Fidelity in marriage is so important to God that He included it in His top ten – as in the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20.14). Let’s face it, infidelity is one of those topics we’d just rather not talk about – no one wants to experience it and no one wants to believe they are capable of it. But in many ways, marriage is a mirror of our relationship with God. When it’s good, it reminds us of the joy of our deep connection with Christ. But when it’s bad, it reminds us of the reality that we, too, can veer from the path of fidelity to God. Unfaithfulness describes the human heart. Every believer needs to understand why we cheat, what it does and how to heal what’s been broken. You might need it in your marriage but you’ll definitely need it in your relationship with God. Join us this weekend to learn more.


Part 8: Imperfectly Matched
Pastor Keith Stewart
February 22-23, 2019

Numerous dating sites boast about their in-depth personality tests and make claims to match people along lines of maximal compatibility. While it’s an excellent strategy to get people to sign up for their services, nothing could be further from the truth. In our last installment in the Swipe Right series, we want to take on the myth of compatibility in a message we’re calling “Imperfectly Matched.” This weekend we’ll learn all about what it takes to build a lasting, loving relationship.

No One Knows

There's a feeling that's universal to everyone who has lived on this earth. Yet, as common as this feeling is, it's talked about the least. Only in whispers and hushed voices do we discuss the reason marriages fail, friendships end, and our relationship with God begins to drift. This is the feeling of shame. The Bible talks about what causes shame, and more importantly, how Jesus gives us the freedom to end the vicious cycle of shame in our lives. Join us for a look at shame, guilt, and what the Bible says about redemption through life's messiest of secrets. 

No One Knows
Young Adults Pastor Patrick McLaughlin
December 29-30, 2018


Imperfectly Christmas

The Christmas story is anything but perfect. In fact, it is unapologetically real and gritty. Too often, we sanitize the story of the first Christmas and only present a picture-perfect, storybook rendition of what took place in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. In other words, we strip Christmas of its power to relate to those in the worst of circumstances and struggling to find hope. We forget that rather than coming for the well-to-do and self-sufficient, Jesus identified with the rejected, the slandered, the helpless and the poor. This holiday season, join us for a retelling of the Christmas story that reminds us once again why Jesus Christ is the HOPE of the world.

The Real, Gritty, and Imperfect Christmas Story
Pastor Keith Stewart
December 15-16, 2018


A Scandalous
Baby Bump
Imperfectly Christmas - Part 1
December 1-2, 2018

What’s Worth Throwing Away
Your Reputation?
Imperfectly Christmas - Part 2
December 8-9, 2018

A Baby Born in Manure
and Straw and Poverty
Imperfectly Christmas - Part 3
December 22-23, 2018


And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Colossians 2:6-7 (NLT)

Henri Nouwen described spiritual disciplines as “…the effort to create some space in which God can act.” Bottom line, you and I can't make ourselves grow. We can only put ourselves in a place where God can grow us and change us. This is why we engage in spiritual disciplines. God grows us but it's our job to open ourselves up to His influence by giving Him space to work. 

The Discipline of Scripture
Rooted - Part 1
Pastor Keith Stewart
October 20-21, 2018

The Discipline of Worship
Rooted - Part 2
Associate Pastor Josh Fortney
October 27-28, 2018

The Discipline of Scripture
Rooted - Part 3
Pastor Keith Stewart
November 3-4, 2018

The Discipline of Solitude
Rooted - Part 4
Pastor Keith Stewart
November 10-11, 2018

The Discipline of Fasting
Rooted - Part 5
Pastor Keith Stewart
November 17-18, 2018

The Discipline of Simplicity
Rooted - Part 6
Associate Pastor Josh Fortney
November 24-25, 2018

PRISON BREAK: Set Free from Addiction

Addiction is one of the most common mental health issues of our day. Most everyone knows an addict, loves an addict or is one themselves. Nothing can prepare us for the storms that addiction can unleash in a family or among friends; accidents, arrests, break-ups, battering, bankruptcies, ruined plans and shattered dreams. But there is hope. If this is you or someone you care about, please don’t miss a single installment in our new series, Prison Break: Set Free From Addiction.

Part 1 - The Spiritual Roots of Addiction
Prison Break: Set Free from Addiction
Pastor Keith Stewart
September 22-23, 2018

Part 2 - Jesus Loves Addicts
Prison Break: Set Free from Addiction
Pastor Keith Stewart
September 29-30, 2018


Part 3 - Anyone Anonymous
Prison Break: Set Free from Addiction
Pastor Keith Stewart
October 6-7, 2018

Part 4 - Loving an Addict
Prison Break: Set Free from Addiction
Pastor Keith Stewart
October 13-14, 2018

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