Pastor Keith's Health Update

Thanks to everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and concern from our Springcreek family and friends for Pastor Keith, Brenda, and their family. They are very grateful. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers throughout the recovery process. We'll continue to keep you updated on Keith's progress here and on Facebook.

Saturday, August 4

Pastor Keith shared news with the church about his unexpected open heart surgery scheduled for Tuesday morning, August 7.

Tuesday, August 7

God is good! On Tuesday morning, while a fervent prayer vigil took place here at Springcreek and all around the world, prayers were answered as doctors performed a successful quadruple bypass on Keith's heart. We received word around 2:00pm that the surgery went well and Keith being moved to ICU.

Wednesday, August 8

Pastor Keith is feeling better already! We received two updates from Keith today via Facebook:

10:14am - I just spoke with my surgeon. I had a quadruple bypass, one minor artery was too blocked to bypass but he’s not concerned about it at all. I had a rough day yesterday but am feeling much better today. I cannot answer all the tweets, Facebook posts and emails. Never in my life have I been so inundated with love and prayer. You have blessed me in ways I can never repay.

7:38pm- The charge nurse told me in four and a half years of working this floor, she’s never had a patient come directly from ICU and walk like what I just did.

Thursday, August 9

Pastor Keith is breaking all kinds of records today with tubes coming out, sitting up, and walking. Would you expect anything less? Our God is an awesome God! Keep those prayers coming!

Friday, August 10

Wow! Pastor Keith continues to improve every day. Check out his Facebook update:

Thank you friends for praying for me. Thank you doctors, nurses, and staff for being the conduit of God's healing. Thank you Jesus for allowing me more time to serve You. Everyone here knows I'm a pastor and have been witnesses to my miraculous recovery - everyone is talking about it.

keith surgery pic.jpg

Saturday, August 11

Pastor Keith is still making a difference for others even through his journey. Check out his FB Post:

My great joy while I’ve been in the hospital has been thanking every doctor, nurse and attendant who has ministered to me. Watching their faces light up, helping them know what a difference they have made, finding good things and God things in every moment has made a difficult time exponentially better. I hope you never have to go through this. But if you do, remember to develop a “good finder” because it truly makes all the difference!

Great news! Pastor Keith is coming home today! Check out this sweet update:

Four days ago I had open heart surgery. This morning I’ve walked two miles (spaced about three hours apart) without the assistance of a wheelie cart. TODAY, I AM GOING HOME! I still have several weeks of recovery but I’m looking forward to being home, resting well and getting something half way decent to eat.

keith home.jpg

Monday, August 13

Pastor Keith posted this morning that he would appreciate your prayers for sleep and rest needed for recovery. Won’t you join with us?

Your prayers have been so effective for me. Would you pray that I can sleep? Since surgery, I’m only getting about 2-3 hours of sleep at night. My body needs it to heal. Thank you and bless you!

Tuesday, August 14

Check out this humble message from Pastor Keith this morning:

One week ago today, I arrived early at the hospital surrounded by family and friends sincerely wondering if it would be the last time I would see their beautiful faces in this world. I know it was and is the miraculous grace of God that I’ve been given another shot at life. Help me, God, not to forget the lessons of the past week. Help me to remember death - the great clarifier, the reminder to live purposefully and intentionally, the inevitability that eventually comes for us all. Until that day finally arrives for me, help me to love as I never have before, be more courageous than I’ve ever been and boldly declare Your great love for other ragamuffins like myself who are desperate to experience it.

Wednesday, August 15

Pastor Keith is doing well and has gone without a pain pill for quite a while. We're pretty sure he's happy about that according to his Facebook post earlier today:

 36 hours without a pain pill! Woohoo!

More amazing news from Pastor Keith after his first post-surgical follow-up this afternoon:

We are just now leaving my first post-surgical follow-up. The surgeon is blown away by my rapid recovery. He reminded me that most are in the hospital for a full seven days after open heart surgery but I was doing so well I could’ve been released on day three (he released me on day four). He said it was a testament to my stamina and constitution. I say it’s a testament to the faithful prayers of God’s people and the abundant kindness of God. We couldn’t be happier than we are right now!

keith post surgical.jpg

Friday, August 17

Speak love... Sharing a note that Pastor Keith wrote to the nursing staff at Baylor Hospital:

A note I wrote to the wonderful nursing staff of Baylor 10 Roberts...

Dear Nurses and Staff of 10 Roberts,

Words will never be enough to adequately express my profound gratitude for you and the way you ministered to me after open heart surgery. Who you are coupled with what you do made all the difference in me.

To tell the truth, even though I am a pastor, I was very afraid the morning of my surgery (8/07). Afraid that it might be the last time I would see the beautiful faces of my wife, children and grandchildren (at least in this world). The magnitude and severity of what my body had been through was evident post-op. I was alive and I was in pain. And as you are very aware, people in pain are not the easiest people to be around.

But never once were any of you short with me. I never felt like a burden to you. Instead I was met with abundant kindness and understanding, thorough explanations and exemplary care. You represent the best in the healing arts. You made all the difference for me.

I am home now and my recovery is going well thanks in no small part to you. As I reflect on my time in your care, I see your beautiful faces. I thank God above that He made each and every one of you. He then placed in your soul a passion to help and heal others. You have taken that passion and perfected it, nourished it and put it fully into practice. It is evident in everything you do.

You may not hear it every day and most certainly not as often as you deserve it, but let me just say to you - THANK YOU! You will forever remain my heroes. And as a minister let me add, may God return to you exponentially the blessing you have been to my life. I will always remember you with fondness.

All the best,
Keith Stewart

Saturday/Sunday, August 18-19

Pastor Keith is feeling better and thankful for all the prayers! He shared another video update on his health with the church this weekend. We are so thankful for answered prayers and the work God is doing in and through Keith's recovery. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers. Please keep them coming! 

Stay tuned for more updates...