Part 2: Are We Expressing Anger Appropriately?

  • Keith Stewart
Are We Expressing Anger Appropriately? AGE OF RAGE – Part 2
Sunday, February 28, 2021


Are we expressing anger appropriately? That’s the question we’re asking this weekend. While God takes a dim view of those who give full vent to their rage, He does offer us a better way to navigate the frustrations of life.


To answer this question, we’re going back to the very first expression of anger in Scripture. Examining the roots of rage in the story of Cain and Abel will expose the danger of holding onto anger in the heart. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus then takes this connection between anger and murder to warn us about the tell-tale signs that something has gone awry in our spirit. As we wrap up, we’ll discover practical ways of expressing our anger without allowing it to destroy us or anybody else.


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Audio: Are We Expressing Anger Appropriately? AGE OF RAGE – Part 2 | Pastor Keith Stewart | Springcreek Church

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