Jesus’ Easter Sermon

  • Pastor Keith Stewart

Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 4, 2021

“I’ve had dreams that didn’t come true – times when I thought life had played a cruel trick on me. There have even been times when I thought God had let me down. Maybe you’ve walked that road, too. You’ve been disappointed, disillusioned and you’ve searched for a way to make sense of it all. It was on just such an occasion that Jesus preached His first Easter message. His message on that day is precisely what we need to hear on this day. Jesus is resurrection life and He walks with us right now through our most challenging circumstances.” – Pastor Keith Stewart

Easter Sunday Service Times – April 4, 2021
Join us in-person or online for Easter!

9AM & 11AM – Garland Campus
10AM – Online Campus (Facebook YouTube RealSpringcreekChurch channels)

Audio: Jesus’ Easter Sermon | Pastor Keith Stewart | Springcreek Church

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