Part 1: Embracing your Calling (Deborah)

  • Pastor Keith Stewart
  • |
  • January 3, 2021

To start off the new year, we’re starting a brand new series this weekend – LEAD YOUR LIFE. We’re going to spend the next several weeks learning from great leaders of the Bible beginning with Deborah – an Old Testament judge who underscores the importance of following one’s call. You’ll learn from her leadership example and be inspired to follow in her steps.

LEAD YOUR LIFE: Putting an End to Default Living

If you don’t plan for important things, important things will never get done. Because if you don’t seize the time for those things then you’ll lose the time to your weaknesses, to dominant people, and to every emergency that comes along. The term for that is “default living.” Honestly, it’s no way to live because you’re not leading your life. Default living is being relentlessly pushed through life instead of following your God-given sense of calling. In the coming weeks, we’re going to learn from some of the best on how to lead your life well.

January 3: Part 1 – Embracing Your Calling (Deborah)
January 10: Part 2 – Possessing Your Future (Joshua)
January 17: Part 3 – Overcoming Limitations (Abraham)
January 24: Part 4 – Dreaming the Possible Dream (Joseph)

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Audio: Embracing your Calling | Pastor Keith Stewart | Springcreek Church


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