Part 2: A Great Marriage is Worth Fighting For

  • Pastor Keith Stewart
  • |
  • October 25, 2020


Part 2: A Great Marriage is Worth Fighting For
Sunday, October 25, 2020

When someone tells me they never fight in their marriage, my immediate thought is, “And you think that’s a good thing?” Normal people (Yes, even two people who love one another) are going to disagree, have bad days, say things poorly, and hurt one another’s feelings. If you tell me you never fight, then one of you is swallowing who you are to be in the relationship. This is why one of the best indicators as to whether or not a couple will stay together, is not whether or not they fight, but how they handle it when they do. That’s what this weekend’s message is all about.

NOTE: Service times have changed as of 10/25/20:

9am – Garland Campus (in-person)
10am – Online Campus (online only)
11am – Garland Campus (in-person)

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