Part 2: Jesus Called Her “Mom”

  • Pastor Keith Stewart
  • |
  • December 11, 2020

Part 2: Jesus Called Her “Mom”
December 13, 2020

There is a war on Christmas but it’s not what you think. It’s not the suppression of the phrase “Merry Christmas” or about why the big box retailer won’t tell our story. The war on Christmas is centered around the truth of Christmas and that truth has been under siege for some time. To make matters worse, the war isn’t happening out there in the world – it’s happening inside churches and inside our own heads. We lost the narrative. We missed the point. We traded the truth for a wimpy, docile, saccharine tale about a baby’s birth. Christmas is the dawn of the revolution – a radical revolution that has at its heart the very transformation of society. If you’ve never thought of Christmas in this way, the war on Christmas has already claimed you as one of its casualties. It’s time to reclaim the truth and hear the story of Mary like you never have before.

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