Part 3: The Rich Man and Lazarus

  • Pastor Keith Stewart
  • |
  • November 29, 2020

The Rich Man and Lazarus
The Storyteller: The Most Misunderstood Short Stories of Jesus – Part 3
Sunday, November 29, 2020

This weekend, we are wrapping up our series on the most misunderstood short stories of Jesus. The final story in our trilogy is without a doubt not only the most misunderstood, but it’s also the most distorted and abused of all the stories Jesus ever told. It’s a rather ominous story about a rich man, a beggar, and a place called hell. Some of us were raised in traditions that made this story say things it actually doesn’t say. It’s time for us to actually hear this story as Jesus told it not only to address the way it’s been abused but also to amplify the powerful truth it contains about the world outside our door.

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