Part 6: God Always Works to Redeem

  • Pastor Keith Stewart
  • |
  • June 21, 2020

Part 6: God Always Works to Redeem
June 21, 2020

We’ve saved the best for last. For the past several weeks, we’ve been asking and answering the question, “Where is God in All of This?” We’ve looked at the nature of life, how important is to be honest with God, what to say and not say in a crisis, how God speaks to our country’s unrest and what do we do when our greatest battles are within. The final message in this series is taken from the tiny Old Testament book of Ruth. This is a book written about a dark and dangerous time in Israel’s history. There is unfathomable loss coupled with the complete and utter silence of Heaven. There is no word from God, no visions, no dreams, no miracles or any indication to the characters in the story that God is at work. But as the reader, you see God doing something truly incredible – a blessing beyond belief – an ending to the story without compare. We learn that God is powerfully present even when He seems conspicuously absent. Join us Sunday at 10am ONLINE either on Facebook LIVE or the Real Springcreek Church YouTube channel to learn more.

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