Imperfectly living beyond us together.  

At Springcreek, we believe the spiritual life is meant to be lived in community. A Spiritual Community can take many forms — it could be a friend that you intentionally pursue God with or a small group of believers from work. What is important is that you are intentionally, purposely seeking God, sharing life, and showing Christ's love to each other. 

Following are insights, tools, practices, and studies to help you find your spiritual community. 

How to Find a Spiritual Community

Ask people who are already in your life, such as family, coworkers, and friends, to be a part of a spiritual community with you. 

Attend events and classes at Springcreek to meet others seeking God in community. Small Group studies, offered a few times a year, are especially recommended for those seeking a spiritual community.

Join a serving team — serving is one of the best ways to meet other disciples. 

Regardless of who you find community with, you must be intentional. Spiritual Communities do not happen spontaneously. Be purposeful in asking others to join you in a study, to meet regularly for coffee, or to join with a group for a weekly dinner and discussion.