Behind the Scenes

Billy Webber pic.png

Billy Webber, Media Tech Team

Billy Webber likes to stay out of the limelight. He functions best in the shadows. For someone on the Springcreek Church media tech team, that's perfect.

Webber handles the computer and lighting from his auditorium booth once a month or more. He also provides weekly tech support at the Network for young adults and the NextGen student ministry.

"I don't like being up front. I like being in the background," Webber says.

Associate Pastor Scott Harper gives Webber video and slides for each service and programs the lights for worship segments. Webber takes it from there.

"My son calls me 'the go monkey.' I just hit the button," Webber said. "My goal is to run the tech so Scott doesn't have to worry about anything."

A computer programmer for 30 years at Sprint, Webber found his technical niche while a teenager at a Baptist church in Louisiana. The church had just upgraded its sound system and needed volunteers to run it. Webber thought it was a sweet deal.

"I figured no one could see what I did, so if I wanted to take a snooze, I could get away with it. As I grew in my faith, I came to realize that it's a calling," Webber said.

He's been on the tech team for seven years now and recalls a few mishaps. One time, he was transferring a reel-to-reel audio recording of a sermon onto cassette tapes when he heard a brief message on it from a passing CB radio enthusiast. Another time, he was focused on his equipment and didn't realize the auditorium had gone dark until he heard a patient voice onstage say, "I'm still here."

Those incidents are rare, however. Most people don't even notice what he does until something goes wrong.

"Being part of this tech team is my calling," Webber said. "I try to do it so no one knows anyone is up there."

- Written by Robin Russell