Walk This Way

Brad Nuss pic.png

Brad Nuss, Parking Lot Team

Brad Nuss volunteers to do any number of tasks on Sunday mornings to help facilities manager Tony Gardner keep Springcreek running smoothly. He can be found setting up tables and chairs, helping people make their way safely across the parking lot, and even taking up the trash. "I'm pretty much Tony's sidekick," Brad said. 

Brad started volunteering at the church when he lost his job a year and a half ago. With too much time on his hands, he was worried that he'd become depressed. "When I lost my job, I had this sense of doom. I called the church and asked where they needed people to help. Tony, bless his heart, said 'I can find something for him to do,'" Brad said. "Helping out around here keeps my mind off the bad stuff. I consider it my prayer time."

Brad married into the Springcreek family. His wife, Sarah, who volunteers with the 2-year-olds on Sunday mornings, had attended before the church moved to its current location. The couple now has three children, ages 9, 7 and 5.

Brad recently got a new job doing data entry, but plans to continue coming up to the church to "get my manual labor in." Because Tony typically does his facility work in the afternoons and evenings, Brad can help out after his day job and on weekends.

"I believe God calls us to serve our community and our family, and Springcreek is both. Especially since I started serving - it's just family. I can't believe how many people here care about me and my family. It's been an amazing blessing," Brad said.

- Written by Robin Russell