Feeling the Nudge

Tiffany Cedorx-1.jpg

Tiffany Cedor, NextGen Preschool Director

Tiffany Cedor says she enjoys working with preschool children because they’re old enough to be a bit independent and are very curious about new experiences.

“You can see the learning and discovery as it happens,” said Cedor, who is the NextGen Preschool Director. In her role at Springcreek, Tiffany oversees classes and edits curriculum for older preschoolers, ages 3-5, in jungle-themed rooms called Tiger Trail and Monkey Mountain.

Tiffany came to Springcreek in 2006 because her mother-in-law attended the church, but she’s stayed because of Pastor Keith Stewart’s teachings. “He makes it real,” Tiffany said. “I’ve grown so much since I came here. Keith makes it very practical. It’s something you can take home with you and think about during the week.”

Sitting in church one day, Tiffany heard about volunteer opportunities and “just felt that nudge.” She started volunteering with younger preschoolers and eventually became the storyteller for older preschoolers. Soon she became the preschool director – in her spare time. Tiffany is also a realtor and owner of a real-estate investment company.

Today, Tiffany and her husband, Timothy, have five children, aged 5 to 23, and two grandchildren. Their sons Colt, 9, and Kinsler, 5, attend NextGen classes. The rest of the family also have volunteer roles at church: Timothy serves on the Safety Team; their 17-year-old son, Houston, volunteers with the church’s tech team and helps with elementary age children; and their16-year-old daughter, Chloe, teaches children in Monkey Mountain.

“Chloe started with this group of kids when they were two and wants to continue teaching them as they go through elementary school. That’s what we encourage our leaders to do,” Tiffany said.

- Written by Robin Russell