Investing in Kids

elena Volunteer-2.jpg

Elena Taylor, NextGen Coach

Elena Taylor is one of the seemingly tireless volunteers who spends her entire Sunday morning at Springcreek helping to nurture faith in children and youth.

Since 2013, she has volunteered with the NextGen ministries for elementary and middle school children. She started as a small group leader and transitioned into a coach when the church merged K1 through fifth grade into the NextGen Theater.

“I just told them, ‘Put me where you need me,’” she said. “It’s so encouraging to see student leadership. Investing in kids—that’s what I love.”

Elena became connected to Springcreek through a friend of her daughter Cierra. “This would be our drop-off point when they had sleepovers in their elementary years,” Elena recalled. “We had been going to another church at the time. Finally, my daughter asked me, ‘Why can’t we just go here?’”

On Sundays, Elena stays on the move. She helps set up the elementary age area, meets with other elementary leaders, then heads over to the middle school area to greet kids before their service begins. During the 11:30 service hour, she helps her mom, Tina Umobit, as she works with leaders’ kids in the kitchen.

Elena pulls weeknight duty as well. On Wednesday evenings, she leads a small group of seventh-grade girls. Elena said she admires the faithful participation she sees among Springcreek youth.

“They show up, no matter what,” Elena said. “I like the kids and their spirit, camaraderie. They’re really engaged.”

- Written by Robin Russell