Safe and Sound

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Zachary Kaczmarek, Safety Team

To a casual observer, it might seem like Zachary Kaczmarek has an easy role at Springcreek: walking around on Sunday morning and trying not to interact with people.

As a member of the Safety Team, however, Zach is actually paying very close attention to the people who walk through the church doors each week. His task is to help provide a safe environment for everyone inside the building.

Zach, who wears a red Safety Team t-shirt and carries a walkie-talkie, is most often posted at the children’s check-in area, making sure everyone who goes down that hallway has a nametag and is authorized to be there.

“I like to watch people, so it’s a good thing for me,” Zach said.

“And I can take charge if I have to. I’m allowed to tackle people if I need to,” he added, with a smile.

Zach, 21, was raised at Springcreek, so he feels a fond affection for the people and the place. When he was in third grade, he and his mother moved to Colorado. After he graduated from high school, Zach decided to move back to Dallas for greater job opportunities. And, of course, he returned to Springcreek.

Zach says he’s always felt comfortable tagging along after Tony Gardner, facilities manager. He was first assigned to pick up trash after services. Soon, Zach was arriving early and began helping out with the Children’s Check-in Safety Desk.

Tony appreciated Zach’s faithfulness and noticed his increasing maturity, so he asked him to be part of the Safety Team. After passing a background check, Zach was assigned to the children’s area. He also fills in to handle other tasks as needed.

“These are people who carry themselves well, and they’re not hotheads,” Tony said of the team, which has about a dozen members. “They have to be someone we can trust and who are comfortable with the building. We have a lot of territory to cover and we’re open from 9 to 9 seven days a week.”

Zach said he feels he’s found his niche on the Safety Team.

“All the Safety Team people are good people,” Zach said. “Tony’s known me for a long while. He’s a good guy – very kind and considerate and very relaxed. I know the procedures and people and facilities here at Springcreek. It’s where I grew up, and I want to stay as long as I can.”

- Written by Robin Russell