Following God's Calling


Nathan Dolliff, Student Intern

Student intern Nathan Dolliff grew up at Springcreek Church, where he admired Pastor Keith Stewart’s extensive knowledge and ability to teach Scripture.

Now Nathan, 17, hopes to follow in his pastor’s footsteps by responding to a call to become a preacher while still a teenager.

Nathan began exploring the call four years ago, when he started teaching the kindergarten through 5th grade students.

“There’s nothing else I’ve done that has my heart in the right place. As I grew more, it became more important to me,” Nathan said.

He didn’t think he’d be good at public speaking, at first. But when he began acting in middle school he also started performing scripted skits for the K-5 group. When a teacher asked him if he wanted to also teach the Word to the children, he began preparing his own messages. He’s since presented a message for his teen-aged peers as well.

“It was a little scary at first. There’s a lot of difference between performing as a character and being yourself,” he said.

Engaging the attention of young children is a critical part of his teaching time each month.

“It’s interesting, because they don’t always pay attention. Sometimes it just comes naturally to me. It’s a God thing. I feel called to it,” Nathan said.

Nathan, who has studied Mandarin Chinese and Spanish at the academically challenging International Leadership of Texas Garland High School, will attend Dallas Baptist Seminary next year to continue his path toward becoming a preacher.

- Written by Robin Russell