Springcreek for Life


Bobby Bedford, Media Tech Team

If you’ve kept pace with the words of worship songs on Sunday morning or watched Springcreek services streaming online, you can thank Bobby Bedford, one of the church’s savvy media tech team members.

Since 2011, Bobby has taken a monthly shift running the computer to change lyrics and background screens, vary the lighting during worship, and even operate the camera to livestream the sermon.

“I am a tech guy. I love doing technical things, and I’ve learned a lot, too. This is a really cool way to expand my knowledge and to serve others, Bobby said.

He came to Springcreek when he was dating his soon-to-be wife, Laura, who was already attending the church. They married in August 2011 and are now raising Bobby’s 23-year-old stepson and their 5-year-old daughter at Springcreek.

“I kind of fell in love with it. Pastor Keith is an incredible teacher. My Christian faith has grown so much,” Bobby said.  

Bobby soon longed for a place to volunteer, and started in the children’s ministry for a year or two. Then he met Associate Pastor Scott Harper at a Super Bowl party organized by the church.

“Scott plugged me in and gave me a home,” Bobby said.

With a degree in civil engineering, Bobby uses computers eight hours a day, so he had a quick learning curve with the media tech team. Now he can’t imagine doing anything else. 

“I feel so connected to my community and to the church. It works for me. I see myself being part of Springcreek for as long as I live,” Bobby said.

- Written by Robin Russell