Young Adults' Ministry

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We're a network of 18-30s who care about finding purpose centered around four things:

Who is Jesus? How do we begin a relationship with him? And what is our response to live life for Him? 

LIfe doesn't begin once you're married. What does the bible say about being single, or starting a new relationship with someone?

How do you become a better husband or wife? What are the keys to growing a stronger marriage?

How do you start a successful career and learn what God says about your personal financial success?

What can you expect?

Meet people. Start new friendships. Develop relationships. 

Encounter God in an atmosphere of discovering Him.  

Be challenged to grow by finding out how to read through the Bible together. 


Be in community with a small group of people that have the same interests as you.
Choose the group that best fits your needs:

Bible Community
Not everyone is an expert on the Bible. Somethings sound confusing or even contradictory, but we walk humbly in our lives to learn as best we can God's story that works together through his Word. This community is for those seeking to understand God's word better for themselves. 

Ladies <25 Community
 God made you with each with a gift that is meant to affect others. Our group is looking at equipping you with your God-given gifts, and maybe discover some new ones along the way! 

Ladies >25 Community
God has big plans for us! Our small group focuses on everyone giving and receiving hope and help from God’s Word as we transform and grow in Christ. Through real, authentic friendships, conversations, and encouragement, we’ll get to know, serve, and learn from each other. Let’s do life together.

New Parents Community
Parenting is never as easy as you imagine, but it's also not as hard. We want new parents to feel welcome learning more about how to be the best parents possible, while also making close relationships with other parents.  

Men's Community
We don't have to fake anything in this group, because there's nobody here we need to impress. Real, raw, honest. We take an approach that in order to be successful, you need someone to mentor you along the way. That's what this group is about. 

Marriage Small Group
We believe in having serious fun, respecting each other, loving God first, and practicing your promises. Our group is for married under 30 to learn to live those values out through better and worse. 


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2660 Belt Line Road, Garland, TX 75044

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For more information, please contact our Young Adults Pastor, Patrick McLaughlin.